People Talk

Jason is a straight shooter that delivers on his word. I’ve done business with him several times in the past few years and he has exceeded my expectations each time.

Montana Barnwood is the kind of business that keeps its focus on doing one thing well while striving to offer the best bang for your buck! They nail it, hands down. If you’re looking for reclaimed lumber and –

A. Don’t feel like picking through unorganized heaps of materials.

B. Want to do business with a Maker/Builder that truly understands lumber.

C. Would like a fair turnaround time.

D. Don’t feel like selling your house to afford your siding…

THEN HIT UP MONTANA BARNWOOD! You’ll be glad you did!

And be sure and tell em’ Geddy sent you, cuz he’ll give me free scrap wood!


People Talk: Laundry Room Accent Wall Material